Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Artist Exchange: James Kubiatowicz

“I use a very limited palette; it’s kind of a derivation of Zorn.” So said James Kubiatowicz at the Copley Society’s recent Artist Exchange, referencing Anders Zorn’s tendency to use only red, yellow, black, and white oil paint.

                         Carbonara, oil on canvas, 14 1/2 x 17 1/2

As seen above, Kubiatowicz’s works take on a certain elegance from the subdued hues of the restricted palette, though he doesn’t rigidly follow the Zorn formula. Joking around with the audience, speaking extemporaneously, the artist made it clear that “rigid” isn’t exactly an apt term for himself or his art. He was there to discuss his recent 30-day artist residency in Provincetown, which followed the decision of the Copley Society Art Committee to award him the Fine Arts Workshop Fellowship. Reminiscing about the experience, Kubiatowicz noted that “it’s the community of Provincetown, colorful, unique personalities,” that made his stay memorable. He also disclosed that of the 30 canvases he took with him, he completed 20, noting that although his subject matter didn’t change, he became looser in his painting, which can certainly be seen in the following work, one he submitted to the Copley Society’s 2010 Holiday Small Works show.

                                              The Gathering, oil on linen, 14 ½ x 12

Clips from Kubiatwicz’s talk can be seen here:

Laurene Krasny Brown spoke next, giving an overview of her artist residency in Paros, Greece. Check back with us on Friday for a description and video clips of her inspiring presentation!

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