Friday, March 11, 2011

The Co|So Circle

For many young professionals, the world of fine arts has been intimidating, even unapproachable, and the process of understanding, assessing, and collecting fine art has proved elusive. Yet, many of these individuals are intrigued by the art world and want to learn more - from gaining knowledge regarding the formal aspects of a work of art, to interacting and engaging with the artists themselves through exhibitions and events, to beginning to understand the process of becoming young collectors themselves.

In 2005, Danielle Boudreau founded the Co|So Circle, a collection of young professionals dedicated to promoting the understanding of fine art and art collecting in the Boston area. Boudreau graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Art History from Providence College, went on to earn her MBA degree in 2005 from Babson College, and later became a member of the Young Women’s Advisory Board, attending events such as the Massachusetts Conference for Women. Her work with New Profit Inc., a Boston based venture philanthropy firm, gave her further experience in understanding how to create and sustain a vibrant, community-oriented organization.

The Circle is composed of young professionals in their mid twenties to late thirties, burgeoning in their personal careers, seeking to be involved in the local art world through affiliation with Copley Society of Art. The Copley Society of Art acts as a mentor and cornerstone for the Circle, providing support and a framework for the Circle’s activities. Not coincidentally, many members of the Circle Board of Advisors are also patrons of the Copley Society of Art.

 CoSo Circle members at 2008 Art Tasting

In 2006, the Circle established a scholarship to be awarded to promising young Copley artists, further encouraging the strength of relationships between local artists and their surrounding community. The Circle also works in conjunction with Fresh Paint, Copley's annual springtime fund raising event. During the event, Copley artists set up their easels in various locations around the city – from the Back Bay, to the Fens, to Jamaica Pond, to the Boston Public Library - to capture moments and scenes of Boston. These paintings are then immediately framed and displayed in a week long show, culminating in an auction of those works. The Circle also hosts numerous other events throughout the year, such as Art Tastings, tours of Boston-area collections, workshops, and more.

Most recently, the Circle hosted a special event for its members at the Museum of Fine Arts - a tour in which the participants were led around the new Art of the America's Wing by two of the museum’s leading docents. The recently opened wing showcases more than 5,000 works of art produced in North, Central, and South America over the course of three millennium.

Next up for the Circle is the annual "So You Think You Can Paint!" event, in which Circle members convene at the Copley gallery for cocktails and a painting lesson by a Copley artists member. This year, Mary Hughes will lead the lesson. (March 23rd)

Interested in becoming a Co|So Circle member? Learn more about the Co|So Circle at the Copley Society of Art website.

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