Saturday, July 23, 2011

Artist Feature: James Kubiatowicz

James Kubiatowicz is one of twenty-seven artists featured in the Copley Society's off-site exhibition Surf Strokes: Copley on Cape Cod (July 9-31). Kubiatowicz's three paintings Collecting Small Treasures, Beach Time, and High Noon reveal his personal style and capture the essence of summer life on the beach. For the past seven years, Kubiatowicz has focused on the development of his painting technique. He considers himself a self-taught artist, taking on creative positions in the toy industry before becoming a full-time painter. Today, Kubiatowicz is a successful member of the Copley Society whose works are regularly selected for our exhibitions.

James Kubiatowicz | Collecting Small Treasures | 18 x 24

His paintings speak to viewers on an imaginative and intriguing level. As Kubiatowicz describes his own style, his "work is mostly about small moments and the people that get in the middle of it all." As seen in all of his works, he uses a subdued palette to depict various characters in their daily lives. His work suggests figures, objects, settings, and atmospheres through an impressionistic style. This visual ambiguity allows the viewer to formulate his/her own interpretations of each scene, like the retelling of a story of the recollection of a memory. As Kubiatowicz carefully renders the figures' movements and expressions, he invites you into their familiar interactions. As a result, all kinds of viewers can appreciate the snap-shot moments he paints.

James Kubiatowicz | Beach Time | 18 x 24

To see three of James' pieces and an array of impressive and diverse works in the Cape Cod show, visit the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in South Yarmouth, MA. The mission of the Cultural Center is "to offer arts and cultural education, exhibition, and entertainment for the community and visitors." This show certainly fulfills that goal. Please come and stop by! If your summer plans don't take you to the Cape, you can visit our gallery at 158 Newbury Street where four of his works are currently on display through August 15th in the Summer Members' Show and CoSo Artist A-Z: Mistral.

 James Kubiatowicz | High Noon | 12 x 16     

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