Saturday, October 29, 2011

Exhibition Feature: Sam Vokey

Moonlight and Peonies:  these two titles evoke the simple serenity that exudes from the images. The paintings by Sam Vokey were featured in the Copley Society of Art's premiere exhibition at the Boston Private Bank & Trust in the Prudential Center. In 2007, the painter’s consistent ability to fashion well-balanced compositions while cultivating the light and dark values awarded him the John Singleton Copley Award, the highest honor given by the Copley Society. 

Moonlight, oil on linen, 36 x 60

 Moonlight’s endless tumble of waves rolls forward from the gleaming dark turquoise ocean, in curves and swoops of thick, salty flurries. Dark masses of slippery rock emerge from the depths, interrupting the glide of the water into flying white sprays. A haze of pink and blue sky sits on the horizon, while the faint glow of distant houses and moonlight shines from within powdery clouds. The moon's luminescent reflections become distorted as they recede on the water. Moonlight and Peonies are exemples of Vokey's painting style: Realism infused with the softness of Impressionism.
Peonies, oil on linen, 23 x 22

The seascape of continuous, undisturbed motion of layered waves is isolated in the window frame of Peonies. The pink and blue smolder of the sky is reflected in the blushing flowers and their translucent vase. Vibrant accents of domestic life sit in a semicircular composition on the polished wood table – crisp green apples, smooth tangy oranges, and a gleaming silver pitcher, all peaceful observers of the spread of moonlight from their smooth yellow cloth. Vokey's typical serene views are currently on display at Boston Private Bank until mid-November.

Information taken from, About the Artist

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