Friday, April 20, 2012

Co|So Events :: Upcoming Artist Demonstrations

With the return of spring and beautiful weather in Boston comes the return of weekend artist demonstrations at the Copley Society of Art! Stop by the gallery from 1-3pm on Saturday, April 21st, Saturday, May 5th, and Sunday May 27th  to watch three of our artists create works and answer questions.

On April 21st, Boston-native Ian Factor will be painting a portrait of artist and musician Valerie Forgione. A member of the Copley Society for many years, Factor is a seasoned portrait painter and has studied in numerous art institutions both State-side and abroad. Factor's desire to paint from life extends past his realist work in portraiture and the figure, as he also paints landscapes en plein air. His paintings, as seen in December Morning featured below, are imbued with both his devotion to the human form as well as "the fine art of realist painting.” 

Ian Factor, December Morning, oil on canvas, 30 x 24

Whether painting figures or landscapes, the goal for Factor's art remains universal: “Through my work I am not searching only to explain my own theories and opinions to others, alone. I am searching for the common ties and lines between all human beings that break down all barriers, walls and separations, and am searching for the means and techniques to bring these commonalities to the minds, hearts and emotions of every person who makes contact with these works. The supreme ultimate is to transcend all cultural and personal relativity, to link all human beings together.”

Currently, Factor lives and paints in Boston while teaching Anatomy at the Montserrat College in Beverly, MA, which allows him to focus on his passion, the human form. 


On Saturday, May 5th, Co|So will host Copley Artist Anne Heywood as she demonstrates how she creates a pastel masterpiece.  Like Factor, Heywood creates realist landscapes, but works primarily in pastel. Her pastel evocations of both traditional and modern spaces and objects reflect her dual life spent in both New England and Italy. Both her landscapes and still lifes feature strong compositions and a natural color palette that combine to create a strong sense of mood. Recently featured in the Copley Society's 2012 Winter Members' Show: Impressions was Heywood's intriguing rendering of an Art Deco glass bowl suggestively placed on top of a small table. 

Anne Heywood, CA, Desideri Fugiti (Fleeing Wishes), pastel and glitter, 28 x 20

Heywood says of her art: “I strive to entice the viewer into my world, beyond what is seen and known, to what is felt.” A New England based artist, Heywood works out of her studios in East Bridgewater, MA and Waldoboro, ME. Her works can be found in both national and international corporate and private collection. She is author and illustrator of Pastels Made Easy (Watson-Guptil Publications, 2003) and has published articles in books and magazines such as “Australian Artist” and The Best of Pastel. 


On Sunday, May 27th Pamela duLong Williams will be in the gallery demonstrating oil painting to visitors. Also a portrait painter, Williams' work focuses on a specific object, either in the form of a person, a flower, or a house. Her loose, impressionist brush strokes add a lively, dynamic energy to her subjects. Williams diverse subjects allow her to fully explore her impressionist style, most recently seen in Co|So as a feature of last summer's Contemporary Still Life show, Reflections. According to Williams, "...working from life is essential with still life and plein air painting as well as portraiture." 

Pamela duLong Williams, Reflections, oil on canvas, 16 x 22

Stay tuned for more information on this wonderful artist's demonstration amidst the display of Fresh(ly) Paint(ed) works in the gallery from May 20th until June 2nd!


All three demonstrations represent a special opportunity for these artists to present their creative processes to the general public.  We hope to see you there!

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