Thursday, July 5, 2012

Artist Spotlight :: Doron Putka

Copley artist, Doron Putka currently has work featured in both our Summer Member’s Show: New England Perceived and also in theCo|So Artist’s Small Works: Juxtapositions. 

Originally from Israel, Doron began her artistic career as an illustrator.  She is always inspired to reinvent her work.  Claiming that she was born with a pencil in her hand, she describes her art as, “constantly evolving.”  What she creates today is unlike something she painted five years ago.  Inspired the most by people, the unique colors and expressions that are particular to each person’s face is what is most enchanting to Doron.  She loves color and the unique ways in which she can incorporate it into her landscapes, still lifes and portraits.  

Doron Putka, Star Magnolia, 12 x 15, oil on paper
Doron’s work is representational of its subject matter.  Star Magnolia, winner of the Jurors Choice for honorable mention is currently on display in our Summer Members Show: New England Perceived.  The gestural brush strokes hints at the process in which the work was created. Thickness of the paint creates an emphatic piece that brings inanimate objects to life. The feather-soft white magnolia flowers pop from the subdued, impressionistic background; and intermittent dabs of bright orange and lime green give Star Magnolia depth as well as substance. 

Doron Putka, Galilee Rooftops, 9 1/2 x 7, oil on paper
Putka’s painting Galilee Rooftops received an Award of Merit in this year’s Copley Society’s Small Works Exhibition. Doron’s stylistic approach is apparent once more with gestural marks of thick paint. The autonomous strokes come together on the small 9 ½ x 7 inch canvas to create the sense of looking over rooftops onto a lush landscape. Doron uses light blues, forest greens, and light pinks which provide a tranquil tone throughout the work.

Doron Putka, Ranunculus, 14 x 11, oil on paper
The second work of Doron Putka in the Copley Society’s Small Works Exhibition is Ranunculus. The 14 x 11 inch painting depicts pink Persian Buttercups placed in a vase. Putka’s flowers, the Persian Buttercup, are a protected species of plant in Israel, where she is originally from. These flowers are unique in that they contain more petals than the traditional flower, making this a hearty and aesthetic subject for Ranunculus. Putka juxtaposes the bright pink flowers in front of an unmodulated light green wall that causes the plants to be the undeniable focal point of the painting.  From the detail of the petals on the flowers to the rust on the vase, Doron Putka displays her talent in composition and form.

Doron is inspired by old and new painters.   She loves color and is most inspired by people, although that is not what she typically exhibits at the Copley Society.  She describes her work as ‘representational’ and typically paints still-lifes, portraits and landscapes. 

 “You could say that what I love in painting is the little secrets that I find when colors and shapes are put next to one another, that when you find it, you get a certain vibration of truth and beauty.” – Doron Putka

Both exhibits will be at the Copley Society of Art until August 22nd.

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