Saturday, February 23, 2013

Co|So Exhibitions :: Small Works: Sterling

Currently on display in the lower gallery of the Copley Society of Art is Small Works: Sterling. Sterling features over 150 small works from our artist members, and showcases the diversity of media, subject and style represented at Co|So. In particular, a group of small works display the less common media that some Co|So artists utilize to great advantage.

John Montiero, Jack in the Box #1, 10 x 8, scratchboard.

Copley Artist John Monteiro employs scratchboard to explore form and line in a series entitled Jack in the Box.  Monteiro, a native of Boston, creates depth in his etchings through the use of intricate lines and a variety of techniques.  When viewed closely, the sophisticated amount of control needed to master such an unforgiving medium becomes clear, as the artist is not able to erase any mistakes. A subtractive method, scratchboard highlights Montiero’s skill and detail-oriented draughtsmanship.

Marilene Sawaf, Woman, Hat and Bird, 11 x 9, casein.

Another exciting use of an unusual medium are two works by Marilene Sawaf, entitled Woman, Hat, and Bird and The Arrival, which are painted using casein, a type of tempura paint made with milk protein.  Sawaf’s paintings possess a strong aesthetic similarity to the bold, even colors of stained glass, which she states is inspired by a stained glass window from her grandmother’s house in Alexandria, Egypt.  Casein is similar to acrylic paint in the bright, undiluted colors produced. Sawaf has incorporated the boldness of pure colors into her art to augment her artistic voice.

Jason Eldredge, Dingies, 9.25 x 11.25, woodblock print.

Jason Eldredge presents an uncharacteristic medium in his work Dingies, a woodblock print.  Eldredge, who resides in Cape Cod and primarily paints in oil, utilizes the graphic nature of woodblock to represent crashing waves and wooden boats piled along the shore.  By only using three colors, Eldredge allows texture to be at the forefront of his piece, creating a satisfying contrast between wave, wood and sand.

Ten artists, including the three mentioned above, were honored with Awards of Merit for the skill, quality and technique exhibited in their work. The Awards of Merit for Small Works: Sterling were given to Patrick Anderson, Leigh Campion-McInerney, Brian Dubina, Mary Graham, John Monteiro, Nick Read, Robin Samiljan, Marilene Sawaf, Kate Sullivan, and Derek Uhlman.

The show will be up until April 25, 2013 – we look forward to seeing you in the gallery soon!

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