Saturday, January 18, 2014

Co|So Exhibitions: New Members' Show 2014

Currently on display in the upper gallery of the Copley Society of Art is the 2014 New Members’ Show, featuring the society’s 11 newly accepted members from 2013. Artist membership at the Copley Society of Art is extremely competitive and reflects Co|So’s commitment to emerging artists. The Membership Committee assesses each applicant on the strength of their body of work, and accepts for membership only those whose work is truly outstanding. Artists who are invited to join the organization represent a great diversity of styles, media, and techniques.
The New Members’ Show 2014 introduces an exceptional group of artists who explore and challenge the traditional beaux-arts concept of realism. The exhibit features two works from each of the 11 new members. While each work is based in realism, they all offer a fresh approach in concept or media to an oft-utilized style.  
Percy Fortini-Wright, Green Line Through Old Boston Garden, 34 1/2 x 50 1/2, spray paint on panel.
Percy Fortini-Wright’s spray painted cityscapes present everyday Boston thoroughfares in a new light. Green Line Through Old Boston Garden depicts a nostalgic view of the MBTA in black and white, reminiscent of a vintage photograph. Fortini-Wright has revitalized the old trolley car with strong lines, textural drips of paint, and the modern haze of pressurized paint from a can.
James Campbell, Adam, 36 x 36, oil on canvas.
Adam by James Campbell shows a contemporary, graphic, and cropped look at the portrait. The over-life-sized head of a boy stares out at the audience with interest, his dark eyes cleanly defined through line. Campbell furthers the graphic look with large strokes of a contrasting blue for shading. The painting captures the striking gaze of the boy, bringing the central details to hyper-realistic focus, which is further emphasized by the textured hat and flat shirt.
Anne Salas, Poppy Field, 31 x 37, oil on canvas with 22kt gold leaf.
The still-life is given vibrancy through Anne Salas’ surrealist-inspired style and bold colors. Her Poppy Field offsets the bright red of the flowers with a gold leaf background evocative of Klimt. The paint is layered in drips and strokes on the canvas, creating a depth to the field that is in direct contrast to the flatness of the poppy flowers. Salas’ technique and color palette gives breath and life to the floral motifs, enlivening the viewer experience.
The exhibit will run thru February 6th, 2014, and can be viewed online here. We look forward to seeing you in the gallery soon!

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