Saturday, October 4, 2014

Co|So Exhibitions:: GRIT: The Urban Landscape

The Copley Society of Art is proud to present Grit: The Urban Landscape, juried by the renowned Director of MIT’s List Visual Arts Center, Dr. Paul Ha.  This nationally influenced show unveils the raw fabric of the cityscape as seen through the eyes of both Copley and non-Copley members alike.

Ben Holiday, Elevated, 38 x 50, oil and enamel on acrylic.

Dr. Ha’s curatorial vision for Grit embraces the minimalist view of the city and urban life.  In his words, “though the urban area that surrounds, overwhelms, and confronts us daily can be the grit in our lives, we can also find moments of unparalleled beauty and solace from that same exact environment.”  The design of the exhibit creates a microcosm of the urban environment, with the varied blend of mediums and artistic ethos serving as a perfect metaphor for the melting pot that is urban life.  From the dusty pavement beneath our feet to lofty skyscrapers, Grit displays the full range of the metropolitan experience.

Julian Cherubini, Back Back Bay, 23 x 30, archival pigment print (photograph).
One of the show’s most notable pieces, an oil and enamel painting on acrylic by Ben Holiday titled Elevated, captures the simple and often overlooked beauty of naturally repeating and overlapping patterns that exist in an urban environment.  Awarded "First Place," Back Back Bay, an archival ink photograph on paper by Julian Cherubini, uses contrasting black and white to transcend the modern world and detailed brickwork to spark a sensory experience of Back Bay rooftops.

Sean Flood, Clarendon Alley at Midnight, 36 x 42, oil on panel.
Another feature of the exhibit, Sean Flood’s Clarendon Alley at Midnight, exemplifies Grit and the artist’s aim of unveiling all aspects of the city. Sean states: “my approach to painting urban scenes and structures simulates and celebrates the energy of the city and the construction process. The paintings reveal the process from foundation to structure to completed form.”

The exhibit will run thru November 1, 2014. We look forward to seeing you in the gallery soon!

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